About us

The company WILHELMI GmbH is engaged in anti-vibration mountings on the basis of rubber to metal bonded products since 1975.

Its focus is on the manufacture of rubber to metal bonded products and their distribution.

Its high and quick ability to adapt itself to the constantly changing demands of customers and the market as well as the high quality standard make WILHELMI GmbH an acknowledged partner for industry and commerce.

Many of our customers located throughout the EU are loyal to us partially for 25 years and more.

We have always aimed and are aiming at manufacturing products at a reasonable price and at a very high quality level. We expressly dissociate ourselves from cut-price products at a low quality level which are unfortunately appearing on the market more and more. For this, optimized workflows have a fundamental importance, besides selected raw materials from renowned German manufacturers and an optimal preparation of the material. For many years, our customers appreciate high quality products which stand out by their long life cycle and excellent physical values.

Being an industrial enterprise, we have to fulfill our customers’ requirements and expectations on the one hand. This is the standard we have to meet for the quality of our products. Moreover, there are also social demands vis-à-vis our employees who have to be taken into account in all activities.

In implementing our quality policy – taking reasonable consideration of the economic efficiency – the following principles apply:

  • Quality builds confidence.
  • Quality can only be achieved, if all employees of the enterprise make their contribution to it.
  • One of the most important managerial functions is conveying quality awareness and making the employees aware of the concerns of environmental protection and safety at work and promoting this.
  • Quality requires qualification.
  • It is better to avoid mistakes than to correct them.
  • Communication, cooperation, customer feedback and avoidance of mistakes.