Crane stop buffers

For material-saving and noise-reduced operation of crane systems, we offer various crane bumpers for the path limitation of crane runways. Our bumpers are designed for static forces of up to 5.0 kN, for dynamic loads of up to 39 kN.

The buffer size of our bumpers is determined by the energy absorption capacity, which depends on the following factors:

  • Load frequency and force
  • ambient temperature
  • environmental conditions
  • impact speed

Spring characteristic curves (force-displacement diagrams) of cylindrical rubber-metal buffers are linear and can be determined by load tests. The resulting from the respective kinetic energy forces acting on the adjacent components are thus determined only from subject-specific diagrams.

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FormD mmH mmL mmGPressure at approx. 15% spring deflection F stat. max. (N)Article Weight kg (approx.)
ANB 5050437031255,70,190
ANB 1001008413045012,91,177