Machine Feet

Our universal machine feet are used for the elastic storage of machines and prevent large horizontal movements, as well as the transmission of shock and noise.

On request, our machine feet can be adjusted in height and / or provided with a tear-off protection to enable a leveling of the units.

The optimal machine foot spring elements are anti-tampering machine feet, especially in vehicle and shipbuilding. These are galvanized and passivated Cr6-free. Depending on the dimensions, they are available with a rectangular or oval base plate.

Our machine feet are used for elastic storage and are used as:

  • Machine feet under engines of every kind
  • Machine feet for diesel engines
  • Machine feet for all machine tools
  • Machine feet under eccentric presses
  • Machine feet under textile machines
  • Machine feet for woodworking machines
  • Machine feet for printing machines
  • Machine feet for sieves
  • Machine feet under rolling mills
  • Pumps – Machine feet
  • Ventilation system – machine feet
  • Machine feet for washing machines u.v.m.

We would be happy to manufacture other heights, cut or tapped, for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.