Rubber metal buffers

Rubber-metal buffers are used in a wide variety of applications. They are preferably used in machinery, refrigeration / air conditioning and vehicle construction, but are indispensable in all branches of industry.

As a simple and inexpensive basic element, the use of rubber and metal buffers is recommended:

  • for elastic bearings
  • to absorb vibrations
  • to reduce accelerations and shocks
  • for the insulation of structure-borne noise.

In almost all branches of industry, vibrations are generated which, in addition to noise, can also cause damage to sensitive machines. As the degree of industrialization increases, the range of application of our rubber-metal buffer becomes increasingly greater, especially since noise also poses a serious problem for the health and quality of life of humans. Our rubber-metal rubber and metal buffers reduce this process and can reduce both harmful vibrations and unnecessary noise.

Different designs of our buffers in size, pressure load and shape in connection with different thread designs for almost every installation situation allow an optimal mounting possibility of the buffers made of rubber and metal. Of course, we are also able to make many other shapes and designs. Many rubber-metal buffers are also available with stainless steel.

In addition, we offer many different products and special items such as bump stops, machine feet, GM sockets, waist buffer or similar. on demand. Depending on the sales volume, our volume discount applies – please contact us!

All products available in the standard qualities natural rubber approx. 70 °, 55 ° and 45 ° SH. Other qualities are possible. Other qualities, e.g. Oil-resistant or extremely weather-resistant rubbers are possible.

We are also happy to produce for you specific rubber-metal buffers as desired.

For an individual offer please contact us contact .

Rubber metal buffers

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