Time of Delivery

Stock on hand

We have a wide and carefully coordinated range of products of the rubber quality NR of approx. 55° SH and standard threads on stock. A stock of more than 400 different articles covers a multitude of possible applications at short notice. Subject to goods being unsold, of course.

Custom Manufacture

We are ready to manufacture articles in diverse rubber qualities and degrees of hardness resp. with many different threads and metal qualities. However, order minimum volumes of one mould filling each are required. We usually require approx. 2 – 3 weeks for such a custom manufacture. As a matter of fact, we endeavour to render as short delivery times as possible.

Depending on the purchase volume, set-up costs may be incurred. Our prices are available on request.

We are ready to manufacture your order according to your drawing. In such a case, we have to agree on the delivery time due to a potential mould making.

Terms of Delivery

  • Unless otherwise agreed, we will principally deliver “ex works”.
  • We would in particular refer to our current terms of delivery and payment as well as their amendment.

Additional Terms of Delivery and Payment:

All deliveries will be subject to our current terms of delivery and payment.

We will execute your order placed with us in writing or by phone even if your written conditions deviate from our current terms of delivery and payment.

In doing so, we assume that you accept our terms for the corresponding delivery.

A contract of sale cannot be reached otherwise. In addition, we offer you an absolute and unlimited return privilege if the conditions for goods other than custom manufactured goods do not correspond to each other.